Hotel Program of the Year [Americas] Marriott Rewards

“It is nice to see that our members are as enthusiastic about the program as our employees are. We work hard for this. Thank you!”

Marriott Rewards has won Program of the Year in the Americas for the sixth consecutive year. This is the 14th time through the years that the program has won this honor in the Americas.

Marriott is all about consistency—in the guest experience, customer service and loyalty program—and their members showed their appreciation by turning out to vote.

Top Secret Delivery

We were excited to see the Fed Ex delivery gal this morning, as she brought us a very special, top-secret package. Enclosed was this year’s brand new Freddie trophy. Nope, we can’t reveal the trophy to you just yet. We couldn’t even give the cheerful delivery woman a peek.

You don’t have too much longer to wait though, the unveiling will be at this year’s Freddie Awards, just 3 days away.

What Were We Thinking?!?!?

The fearless Freddie leaders, Randy Petersen and Tommy Danielson, are shown here confidently in control of event preparations.

Never let them see you sweat, but nowhere does it say they can’t see you standing around looking a bit lost.

These two dapper gents will be on stage hosting much of the event, along with Gary Leff, Robert Wuhl  and Freddie Laker Jr.

Assuming of course they haven’t talked themselves hoarse before then.