Where Did the Freddie Awards Come From?

The idea behind the Freddie Awards was a simple one. Freddie Awards founder Randy Petersen was frequently asked, “Who has the best frequent flyer program?” The answer was easy for him to answer for himself, but the best program isn’t the same for everyone. What’s good for Bruce in Seattle or Bob in Fort Lauderdale is different than what is best for Sharon in Memphis because the airlines serving the areas are different and people have different types of redemption patterns. Maybe they want upgrades and status instead of free flights and discounts.

Randy started the Freddie Awards as a way to make it easier to answer the question he was repeatedly getting asked as frequent flyer programs became more popular. With the results of the Freddie Awards voting, he could tell people which program won Program of the Year or Best Elite Program and the answer would be more objective and universal than his personal opinion.

This year, over 2.9 million people voted in the Freddie Awards and in less than 24 hours, this year’s winners will be revealed.


Your room key, Sir.

From the “You can check in but you can never check out” department, here’s a sneak look at the new logo proudly displayed on the custom room key cards at the Hilton Tyson’s Corner—host hotel for this year’s Freddie Awards.