For the 25th Anniversary of the Freddie Awards, we took a look back at the winners, almost winners, one-time winners and more.

All-Time Biggest Winners
For the 25 years that we’ve been handing out these prestigious awards, Marriott has won the most overall with a very impressive 124 awards—that’s an average of five awards per year. Starwood follows Marriott with 113 awards and Continental won the most of any airline at 50 awards.

Longest Winning Streak in a Single Category
Southwest won 11 consecutive Best Award Redemption Freddie Awards to take this distinction.
The Most Freddies Won by a Single Program in a Single Year
Starwood hauled away a whopping 17 Freddie Awards from the 17th Annual Freddie Awards ceremony.

All-Time Program of the Year Winners
Continental won 10 Program of the Year Freddies in the Americas before it merged with United. Alaska Airlines comes in second place with five wins for Program of the Year. In the Americas hotel arena, Marriott takes the top spot with 14 wins. For airline programs outside the Americas, SAS won the most with seven and Starwood takes the top hotel spot internationally with 14.

Adjust for Inflation
Only 864 ballots were cast in the first Freddie Awards. This year, there were over 2.9 million—that’s a 335,548 percent increase.

Highways and High Raves
Budget Rent-A-Car is the only car rental program to have received a Freddie. Budget was awarded an Industry Impact Award in the 7th Annual Freddie Awards for their “Play It Smart” program.