As the voice of frequent travelers around the globe, the Freddie Awards is also proud to represent the good will and “pay it forward” gesture of these same frequent travelers. As such, this year we partnered with the frequent flyer collaborative of BoardingArea, Milepoint, Frequent Traveler University, Bonusfeber and Ikvliegveel in supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a #flyforpink campaign. Travelers are encourages to post a boarding pass to FlyForPink with the hashtag #flyforpink on either the Twitter or Instagram social channels. For each boarding pass posted, this group of websites designed for road warrior / frequent flyers is donating 50 cents to 13 different charities with support in screening, early detection, treatment and research for both men and women’s breast cancer support up to a total donation of $10,000.

For ideas and instructions on posting your boarding pass (and you can post more than one), visit FlyForPink. As well, to safeguard your privacy, feel free to block out your name or other information using your thumb, mark out or simply taking a picture of part of your boarding pass. Its fun and its helping others.