Robert Wuhl is an actor, comedian, writer and frequent flyer. He’s also a local boy, having grown up in New Jersey. He appeared in Batman with Michael Keaton, Bull Durham with Kevin Costner, Good Morning Vietnam with Robin Williams among other films and you can relive 1985 when you watch him as one of the opening actors in Madonna’s “Material Girl” video. He’s also won two Emmy awards for co-writing the Academy Awards with Billy Crystal. It’s obvious that he’s a man who gets around.

Randy introduces Robert Wuhl, who steps up on stage to a round of applause.

Tonight, he is gracious enough to welcome everyone to the 2012 Freddie Awards. Robert comments on how the awards ceremony has grown and that tonight is the 22nd Freddie Awards. He comments on airline mergers and Kingfisher. He talks about losing weight and low-carb diets and quizzes the audience about one-hit wonders and the number of wives of Wilt Chamberlain. He passes the stage to someone who is almost as sexy as Wilt, the self-described chubby Norwegian, Tommy Danielsen.