The earliest Freddie Awards only had a few hundred voters. It was a young industry and there weren’t that many people playing the game. To help get out the vote, Randy would take a bundle of ballots wherever he was traveling. When staying at a hotel, he’d wake up early and go down the hallway on every floor and slide a ballot under the door of each hotel room. He got caught a few times when security would notice and ask what he was doing. He says, “I never got thrown in jail but they were trying to figure out what I was doing.”

The original ballots were paper ballots and needed to be stamped and mailed. Freddie voting has gone from mailing, to faxing, to online and now voters are turning to mobile devices. Over 25 percent of the votes this year came in via a mobile device.

Randy says Freddie Awards ballots have “gone through everything except the Pony Express.”