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Congratulations to all the 2023 winners!

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2022 Freddie Awards Ceremony

The 2022 Freddie Awards Ceremony took place at The National WWII Museum / The Boeing Center in New Orleans, LA.

2022 Freddie Awards Winners

Over 2.5 million frequent flyers from around the globe participated in this year’s Freddie Awards, welcoming back a normality to travel. Take a moment to view which programs members felt best achieved excellence throughout the year.

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You’ve won a Freddies… now what? You can check out our Winner Resources to see all the possibilities that come with this coveted award.

About the Freddies

The iconic “Freddie” trophy graces the lobbies of some of the most respected travel loyalty programs throughout the world.

Introduced in 1988 by InsideFlyer magazine’s Randy Petersen, the “Freddies” are named in honor of Sir Freddie Laker and have grown in stature and importance to become the most prestigious member-generated awards in the travel loyalty industry.

The goal of the Freddie Awards is to give a voice to the frequent flyer and to honor the efforts of an industry that consists of more than 300 million members worldwide.

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