Marriott Bonvoy wins its first ever award in this category for this region

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Best Hotel Customer Service Marriott Bonvoy Liz Bird

Marriott Bonvoy wins its first-ever award in this category for this region. They finished a close second for this award in the two other regions proving that Bonvoy does have a passion for serving its members globally. What is interesting is that Bonvoy becomes the fourth different program to win this award in the past five Freddie Awards seemingly to prove that the category is competitive. But there are others that can claim this crown in years to come, Accor ALL finished a close second only 2/100ths of a point behind and they have won this category before as well as winning it in Europe. But it is not just about these two programs, Club ITC has proven themselves to be a regional powerhouse of loyalty with many other Freddie Awards wins in other categories, and also just like Accor ALL, they have won this category in past years. But after Club ITC in the number three rating, it drops off quickly with almost a full point rating average before Taj InnerCircle picks it up just in front of Shangri-La Circle. Puzzling for us is seeing IHG, Hyatt, and Hilton floundering in the #7 through #9 positions at least two full ratings points off the winner. Puzzling you ask? Well, truth be known, these three programs have claimed a Freddie Award in this category in years past, IHG in 2015, Hyatt in 2013, and Hilton in 2009. Why the fall in ratings? Is it that other programs stepped it up or have these three dialed the support down? Our guess is that these three have dialed it down since it is all about their own ratings from members, not their performance against other programs. Let’s hope they are reading this and learn something about their past.

Full Voting Results

RankBest Customer Service – Hotels (Middle East & Asia/Oceania)Rating
1Marriott Bonvoy8.63
2ALL Accor Live Limitless8.61
3Club ITC8.40
4Taj InnerCircle7.65
5Shangri La Golden Circle7.02
6GHA Discovery6.54
7IHG Rewards6.49
8World of Hyatt6.45
9Hilton Honors6.38
10Wyndham Rewards6.18
11Best Western Rewards5.95
12Radisson Rewards5.69
13Trident Hotel Trident Privilege5.64


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