Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is Rewarded the Prestigious 210 Award

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Virgin Atlantic 2101 Award

This category can claim the title of being the most interesting. For instance, TAP Miles&Go won this category in 2017, 2019, and 2020 and look what they did this year, they grew out of it and won overall Freddie Awards for all major airline categories. The winner in 2016 was Norwegian Reward as they ascended toward relevancy with a strong loyalty offering. This year they were #4 in this category and the 2015 winner, Aegean Miles Bonus was in a very positive place with their #3 finish. Flying Club is a program that rests in the cradle of an airline that has won a lot of awards over the years with the style of delivery and service for their inflight cabins. But they’ve escaped attention to their loyalty offering in a very competitive European marketplace. For many years SAS ruled the loyalty space, Turkish has garnered attention as has Aeroflot. Virgin Atlantic might be handicapped by its routes but certainly not by its product and its loyalty program. Recent moves to establish a more far-reaching loyalty currency could make for a large change here. All we know is that this year, Flying Club and its members earned the respect they deserve.

Full Voting Results

Rank210 Award – Airlines (Europe & Africa)Rating
1Virgin Atlantic Flying Club7.17
2Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles6.86
3Aegean Miles Bonus6.68
4Norwegian Air Shuttle Norwegian Reward6.54
5SAS EuroBonus6.36
6Alitalia MileMiglia6.26
7South African Airways Voyager6.11
8FinnAir Plus5.98
9Vueling Club5.97
10Air Europa Suma5.94
11Icelandair Saga Club5.81
12airBaltic Club5.44


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